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Get another step closer to achieving your fitness goals with the MultiFit Gyms ‘Transform Yourself’ Program

Pune (Maharashtra) [India]: While trendy diet plans or workouts may have crept into people’s lives in the past several years, today, individuals are much more aware of nutrition, fitness, and their overall approach to well-being has changed. Marketing gimmicks such as How to lose weight in just 20 days, or Try an “x” workout for a flat stomach in just 14 days etc., are not effective anymore. Individuals prefer a more healthy, holistic approach when starting their fitness journey. With this in mind, MultiFit Gyms is proud to introduce their ‘Transform Yourself’ program- an all-inclusive program with a holistic approach towards fitness to help you achieve the transformation YOU want at YOUR pace. 

The fitness industry, in the past, has been filled with toxic, unhealthy fitness practices. Individuals have succumbed to the pressure of adapting to unhealthy diet plans to achieve a certain body type, without being aware of the benefits of strength training, lacking knowledge of different workouts, or entirely missing the crucial elements of fitness. MultiFit’s ‘Transform Yourself’ program includes all of the essential components one needs to succeed on their fitness journey holistically. From your Diet to Sleep Plans to Pilates, Strength training, and HIIT to cardio…, this program takes care of all the fitness essentials and your requirements.

“The fitness industry has evolved tremendously. We have and always will be dedicated to serving to the requirements and needs of our customers. Through the ‘Transform Yourself’ program, we aim to offer our members our expertise to help them achieve their weight goals. The program includes workout routines and nutrition which is backed by science, industry expert trainers, a private exclusive studio, and most important- workout routines tailored to suit you and your needs. It is a place that is inclusive of all and that which will help you reach your fitness goal at your pace and availability”, says Nasir Shaikh, Group CEO – MultiFit, The Lexicon Group of Institutes and EduCrack.  The ‘Transform Yourself’ program also has several other perks that you can look forward to, such as in-house spa facilities, weekend getaway at a wellness resort, nutritional hampers, chauffer facilities, and much more. 

Embarking on a fitness journey can sometimes be daunting or get plain mundane. But with MultiFit Gyms, your fitness journey will always be backed with the right kind of support, motivation, and knowledge you need, always taking you one step closer to achieving your fitness goals.

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