6 days ago

    eSanjeevani’, Govt. of India’s free Telemedicine service completes 60 Lakh consultations

    Daily over 40,000 patients use eSanjeevani to seek health services remotely Instrumental in facilitating access to Health Care during Covid…
    1 week ago

    The biggest ever vaccination drive organised on a single day anywhere in the world

    Dr G.Srinivas Rao, Director of Public Health and Family Welfare, Govt of Telangana describes Mega Vaccination Drive a joint initiative…
    Health & Fitness
    2 weeks ago

    Researchers develop hydrogen-fuelled spark-ignition engine generator for zero-emissions

    New Delhi: Diesel-fuelled internal combustion engine generator for electrical power generation mainly emits carbon monoxide (CO), Hydrocarbon (HC), Smoke, Particulate…
    Technology in Healthcare
    2 weeks ago

    AI-driven ‘XraySetu’ to facilitate early COVID interventions

    New Delhi: XraySetu, a new AI-driven platform has been developed that will help in early intervention over WhatsApp. This will…
    2 weeks ago

    “Nitrogen pollution restricts the safe margin for other environmental issues”

    New Delhi: Humanity’s failure to stop nitrogen pollution could limit the safe operating margin for many other issues facing our…
    Medical Devices
    3 weeks ago

    SCSC & Cyberabad Police launched O2 Bank in collaboration with Breath India, EO & Alai NGOs

    Hyderabad, Telangana : In a bid to help the needy patients in Hyderabad with Oxygen Concentrators at Home, SCSC(Society for…

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