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World Diabetes Day celebrated on 14th November by Mumbai Diabetes Care Foundation and Indian Medical Association

Mumbai Diabetes Care Foundation and Indian Medical Association successfully organized ‘Walkathon’ on the occasion of ‘World Diabetes Day’

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: A grand ‘Walkathon’ was organized by Mumbai Diabetes Care Foundation (MDCF) and Indian Medical Association (IMA) on 14th November, 2022 on the occasion of ‘World Diabetes Day’ where the general public participated to support this burning need,which was completed successfully. The day of ‘World Diabetes Day’ was kept on the theme of educating people about diabetes, creating awareness and preventing it, so that people can be saved from it in future and also with diabetes easily,they can live a full life. After the ‘walkathon’ everyone was screened for diabetes and later given a sumptuous and healthy breakfast and then they were tested.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Purvi Chawla, Trustee, MDCF, said,”The anticipated outcome from such a campaign is that more and more people will be screened for diabetes as half of the people with diabetes go undiagnosed. People with diabetes will remember that adopting a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. It is important to take appropriate steps in time to manage diabetes well and prevent complications.”

Diabetes is increasing rapidly among people, so we need more specialists who can help the patients. That is why Diabetes Research and Solutions (DRS), a unique academic conference was organized over the weekend at The Club, Mumbai. Experts from across the country and locally discussed various aspects of diabetes and related issues by presenting the latest research, technological advances and clinical cases to improve the lives of people living with diabetes. During the discussion, Dr. Manoj Chawla, MDCF and National Executive Member, RSSDI, said that education and awareness about diabetes is the need of the hour, both for general population and healthcare practitioners for lifestyle modification and medication management of diabetes. Looking forward to adopting the latest recommendations.

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